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Kennels & Cattery


Our dog boarding kennels were completely rebuilt in 2009 and offer spacious, heated and comfortable accommodation, each with its own integral covered, outdoor run. Giant kennels are also available for up to three dogs from the same household to be able to board together. There is a light and airy environment and a fan system ensures fresh air is continually circulated. All of our pet guests will have their own warm, soft bedding and baskets provided and owners are welcome to bring along their pets favourite toys and treats if they wish.

A full range of dog foods is available and, in addition, any special dietary requirements or feeding instructions can easily be arranged on request. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will ensure that all dogs will receive plenty of one to one attention, play and interaction to create a stimulating environment, which is particularly important for dogs staying for a long duration of time.

Off-site daily walking is also available; please see additional services for further information.

Before boarding all dogs must be fully vaccinated against Kennel Cough as well as the standard diseases prevented by annual booster vaccinations so you may be assured of a healthy, disease-free environment.

Standard Dog Vaccination

  • A Primary course of two injections given over two to three weeks.
  • Dogs can board five days after the end of a primary course.

The primary course is followed by a single annual ‘booster’ vaccination. Dogs can board the same day as a ‘booster’ has been administered or if you would like us to organise your pet’s booster during their stay with us, we can do this for you.

Kennel Cough Vaccination

  • A single dose of vaccine that lasts 12 months.
  • Dogs can board five days after the vaccine is given.
  • In special circumstances we may be able to board some unvaccinated dogs but they will be accommodated in an isolation area until they are fully immunised.


Cats are housed in the comfort of their own split-level chalets, providing a cosy upper sleeping area with individual heat lamps, a lower level play area and a cat flap leading to a covered outdoor run. Glass panels allow the cats to view their surroundings and help create a very relaxed atmosphere in the building.

A full range of cat foods is offered to cater for every feline taste and staff will happily follow any specific feeding requirements or instructions for individual pets.

Standard Cat Vaccination

  • A primary course of two injections given over a period of three weeks. Cats can board five days after the end of the primary course
  • The primary course is followed by a single annual ‘booster’ vaccination

Cats can board the same day as a ‘booster’ has been administered.  We advise that you ensure your cat is fully vaccinated as we only have a limited amount of isolation accommodation for unvaccinated animals.

Small Animals and Exotic Pets

Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated team of staff can accommodate and provide excellent care for a wide range of pets in addition to dogs and cats. Our newly built small animal block with thermostatically controlled heating offers comfortable boarding facilities for rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds and other exotic pets with more specialised husbandry requirements.