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Additional Services

Dog Walking Service: £6.00 for 1 dog, £10.00 for 2 dogs

For a small additional charge, members of staff will happily walk dogs on a lead once a day in the local park during their stay to provide extra exercise and opportunity for play.

Worming & Flea treatment

£6.00 per worming tablet

£6.00 for fleat treatment (Frontline)

Dog Bathing: £7.00 per pet

During their stay, dogs of all sizes can be washed, dried and groomed in our purpose built shower facility and be returned to their owners looking and smelling better than ever!

Nail Clipping: £4.00

If you can hear your dog’s claws clicking as they walk along hard ground they may be over-long and in need of a trim. Overgrown nails can easily catch and tear or even grow right back into the pads. Our staff can check your dog’s nails and clip and file them as necessary.

Micro Chipping: £15.00

Sadly, more and more dogs are straying or getting stolen. Micro-chipping your pet will ensure they are permanently identified as belonging to you. It simply involves a single injection in the scruff which deposits a tiny micro-chip under the skin. The micro-chip data is entered onto a national data base and your pet is registered for life. In the event of your pet getting lost or stolen they can be safely and rapidly returned to you if they are found and scanned.


If you would like your pet wormed during their stay with us we are happy to organise this for you.


If your pet is under treatment or requires injections or medication during their stay our experienced staff we are happy to continue this for you.

Collection and Delivery

We are happy to arrange the collection and delivery of your pet from your home before and after their stay with us. Costs are dependent on distance from the kennels and we will be happy to give you a quotation on request.